Helpful Articles and Information about Phones

Helpful Articles and Information about Phones

We are here to help advice and inform you about the telecoms industry

The Big Openreach PSTN and ISDN 2025 Switch Off

The Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) and ISDN will reach its end of life in December 2025. The system is currently tranditioning to VOIP or now known as Cloud Phone’s, moving traditional voice services to now run on your Internet Connection. This upgrade is already happening, and we are here to help you make the move to the latest digital technology
Written 2021-12-03

Live in Staffordshire or Cheshire? Stuck in a Phone Contract with Chess ICT?

While we offer our phone systems all over the UK, we supply a lot of firms locally in Staffordshire and Cheshire. Are you are looking for a change and something very different from Chess ICT?.... Read on
Written 2021-12-02

Trapped in your mobile phone contract? Top tips to be free

Customers have the right to keep their number when switching network providers, this will involve obtaining the PAC code from the network provider.
Written 2021-11-24

Staying away from your phone when working from home

An estimated 85% of smartphone owners access their emails via their phones, and more than 347 billion emails will be sent globally per day by next year, Brits are being offered the best tips for working from home productively.
Written 2021-11-19

Ring Central alterative that’s UK based, ethical and costs less

Many of our customers start a conversation with having had a quote from Ring Central and seen it’s so much more expensive than it first looked and then realising that we are much cheaper! We have outlined some of the key benefits below for choosing us instead!
Written 2021-11-10

Top tips to make your phone storage go further

It’s a bugbear for millions of people - battling for adequate phone storage. Mobile users are being encouraged to clear their devices of unwanted data in order to free up space. The phone experts at Telephone Systems.Cloud are urging phone users to clear out their phones in order to combat the bombardment of ‘no free storage available’ notifications.
Written 2021-10-30

What do toilets, dates and airplanes all have in common? You shouldn't use your phone on any of them!

Whether stalking your ex on Instagram, scrolling through endless work emails or texting your bestie, there are many places where using a phone is a big no-go. Phone experts at Telephone Systems.Cloud have created their round-up of inappropriate places to use a mobile phone.
Written 2021-10-22

Three digit dial: From 999 and 888 to 105 - hidden stories behind emergency numbers

From 101 to 999 there are a host of three digit telephone numbers designed to help the UK public but few of us are aware of them all.
Written 2021-10-01

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No Crazy Contracts

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