Phone system with CRM integration

Phone system with live call reporting

See what's going on live with your phone system and manage call centres with easy to use wall boards and management reporting.

Live Phone System Reporting

+ £35 & £4 per user
Live call reporting

Works great with the Call Centre Module, see who's on a call live and how many customers are in the queue. Stay informed at any time, with wall boards and custom reports.

Live Reporting Features

Contact Wallboard

The default wallboard is divided into 3 elements to provide live call information on the Contact Centre.

Wall board

  1. Contact Centre Summary: This wallboard provides information on total calls out/answered, total missed calls, current calls waiting and longest waiting time in seconds.

  2. Agent Summary: This wallboard displays live call information on each agent’s current call status (e.g. free or on call), total incoming/outgoing calls and total talk time per agent.

  3. Live Calls: This wallboard displays the current calls in progress within the business. The wallboard provides information on the direction of the current call (outgoing or incoming), extension name, DDI, current call status (ringing or on call) and time in current status.

Quick Reports

Call reporting insights

The quick reports section is a repository of report templates. Once run, the reports can be customised by the user using filters.

  1. Hourly Call Activity: An overview of call information, such as total outgoing and incoming calls, over a period of 60 minutes.

  2. Daily Call Activity: An overview of call information, such as number of outgoing and incoming calls, average talk time and missed calls, over a period of 24 hours.

  3. Extension Call Activity: A summary of calls for each extension, including total calls, average talk time and number of missed calls by extension.

  4. Overall Activity by DDI: A summary of calls for each DDI, including DDI name, DDI group name, total calls answered and total missed.

  5. Missed Calls: A summary of unanswered calls by extension, including time, date and ring time.

  6. List Calls by Date: A breakdown of all calls for all extensions, including duration of call, destination and ring time.

  7. Unreturned Missed Calls by Caller ID: A list of missed calls that have not been returned.

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Insight Reporting

+ £5 & £1 per user

Don't need the full details, but would like some insight into your business call patterns? Don't worry, we have a basic package to give you call reporting on a budget!

Intuitive dashboard

The at-a-glance dashboard monitors performance to visualise call activity such as:

Business wallboard

The pre-configured wallboard displays key business metrics (DDI, user and business summary).

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