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Phones & Headsets for VoIP

Our VoIP phones and headsets are very high quality, branded equipment that are dispatched in 48 hours and plug and play with our cloud phone system.

Rent or Buy Phones & Headsets

We provide professional high quality branded VoIP phones to work with our cloud solution that simply plug and play. You can choose to buy your phones upfront and save money, or pay monthly over a three year to manage your budget. These phones work off your internet connection and no configuration or technical knowledge is required.


Choose Payment Option

Instalments Up front

Pay over 3 years

Paying by instalments is a great way to spread the cost of the phones over a 3 year period, saving you any upfront costs. After 3 years you own the phones and won't need to make payments for them any more. A limited company credit check will be made when requesting to pay by instalments.


Portable Phone

Portable Phone

£5.60 per month

Easy to use portable phone that comes in two parts. The base can be plugged into the router in another room and the handset works wirelessly with its own charging station. Additional handsets can be added to the base. more

Desk Basic Phone

Desk Basic

£4 per month
Basic Black and White Desk Phone with colour screen. Required CAT5 network port to plug into more.
+ £18 power supply (if not using POE)

Desk Phone

Desk Phone

£5.60 per month
Easy to use quality Desk Phone with colour screen and buttons to dial 8 key contacts (with scrolling to reach more). Required CAT5 network port to plug into more.
+ £18 power supply (if not using POE)

Desk Phone +

Desk Phone +

£9.70 per month
Touch screen full colour Desk Phone with touch dial 10 contacts (with scrolling to reach more). Required CAT5 network port to plug into more.
+ £18 power supply (if not using POE)

Desk Phone Wifi

Desk Phone Wifi

£13 per month
Built in Wifi and Bluetooth making it easier to work from anywhere. Touch screen full colour Desk Phone with touch dial 10 contacts (with scrolling to reach more) more.
+ £18 power supply (if not using POE)

Conference Pod

Conference Pod

£21 per month
It's microphone picks up voices up to twenty feet (6-meters) away. With a 5inch colour screen and build in Bluetooth and wi-fi. Use POE for power, or additional power supply more.
+ £18 power supply (if not using POE)

Options & Extras

Additional Handset

Additional Handset

£2.50 per month

Additional Handset which can be added to the base of the portable phone, either with a separate user or the same user.

Portable Phone +

Ruggedised Handset

£5 per month

Ruggedised Handset which can be added to the base of the portable phone, great for warehouses and industrial locations.

Bluetooth Headset

PC & App : Bluetooth Headset

£7 per month
Use a HD Bluetooth headset with the PC App. No need for a phone. Comes with it's own charging base and will connect to mobile phone.

Wired Headset

PC & App : Wired Headset

£3.50 per month
Connect a headset directly to your computer and use the app instead of a physical phone.

Desk phone  Headset

Desk phone : Noise Cancelling Headset

£3.50 per month
Simple easy to use single ear headset for call centres designed to plug into your desk phones.

Desk phone Cordless Headset

Desk phone : Cordless Headset

£8 per month
Totally wireless hands free solution, you can walk and talk with a range of up to 120m.

Wi-fi Dongle

Desk Phone: Wi-fi Module

£35 one off fee
Make the Desk Phone or Desk Phone+ Wi-fi enabled, ensuring no need for CAT5 Cabling.


Phone Convertor

£4 per month
Converts old telephone devices to work on the cloud. Suitable for lift phones, alarm systems etc.

Migrating your current phones

£25 per model of phone. Your current phone systems phones maybe be able to work with our system. You will have to configure those phone to the latest firmware and following set-up instructions, so some technical skill is required. This process is only suitable if you know the current provider of your phones and is not suitable for second hand phones purchased online which may have issues due to being locked to a different provider.

Compatible devices


Poly CCX 500 VDM Poly CCX 600 VDM Poly CCX 700 VDM Polycom Soundpoint IP 321 S
Polycom Soundpoint IP 331 S Polycom Soundpoint IP 335 S Polycom Soundpoint IP 450 S Polycom Soundpoint IP 650 S
Polycom Soundstation IP 5000 S Polycom Soundstation IP 6000 S Polycom Soundstation IP 7000 S Polycom Trio 8300
Polycom Trio 8500 Polycom Trio 8800 Polycom VVX 150 VDM Polycom VVX 1500
Polycom VVX 201 Polycom VVX 250 VDM Polycom VVX 300 310 Polycom VVX 301
Polycom VVX 301 VDM Polycom VVX 400 410 Polycom VVX 411 Polycom VVX 411 FS
Polycom VVX 411 VDM Polycom VVX 450 FS Polycom VVX 450 VDM Polycom VVX 500
Polycom VVX 600 Polycom VVX 601 Polycom VVX 601 FS Polycom VVX 601 VDM


Yealink CP860 Yealink CP920 Yealink T23 Yealink T31G VDM
Yealink T40G Yealink T40P Yealink T41P Yealink T42 VDM
Yealink T42G Yealink T42S VDM Yealink T43U VDM Yealink T46 VDM
Yealink T46G Yealink T46G FS Yealink T46S FS Yealink T46S VDM
Yealink T46U VDM Yealink T48 VDM Yealink T48G Yealink T48G FS
Yealink T48S FS Yealink T48S VDM Yealink T48U VDM Yealink T53 VDM
Yealink T53W VDM Yealink T54W VDM Yealink T57W VDM Yealink T58W Pro
Yealink W60 Yealink W52P Yealink W80B


Cisco ATA 191 Cisco ATA 192


Panasonic KX-TGP500Algo 8180 G22N IP Intercom

VoIP Phones for Business

With VoIP, you can choose to have desk phones, portable phones, headsets only or just use the app on your mobile phone. You can work with any combination of these, so one user can have a phone, the other just use the app. When using the app with a headset, the system works directly with your computer, allowing you to use any computer compatible headset to make and receive calls. Most popular VoIP phones can be used on our system, so you can stay environmentally friendly by keeping your existing phones on our network. Most of the main VoIP providers are compatible with our phone hardware, so investing in the phones comes with no risk.

Best top 10 VoIP Phones & Headsets

Wondering which phones to choose to use with your VoIP phone system? The following phones are the most popular hardware currently available and are all compatible with our cloud phone system.

  1. Yealink T46U VoIP Phone
  2. Yealink T48U VoIP Phone
  3. Yealink W73H / W60 VoIP Phone
  4. Jabra VoIP BIZ2300 Headset
  5. Yealink T43U VoIP Phone
  6. Yealink W57W Wireless VoIP Phone
  7. Jabra Motion UC MS Plus Headset
  8. Polycom VVX 601
  9. Polycom VVX 301
  10. Yealink T43U VoIP Phone

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