GDPR Call Recording Phone System

Call Recording Phone System

We specialise in providing an extremely flexible and professional cloud based phone system with call recording for GDPR Compliance here in the UK.

What ever your business size, from self employed, to enterprise, your business can add call recording to your phone system.

GDPR Compliant Call Recording Phone System

With 6 months or 7 years MIFID2 options, our VoIP phone system ensures you can access the recorded calls when ever they are needed.

Our UK based Cloud Platform is supported here in the UK from Staffordshire. UK Security & Compliance are central to our extensive platform which is run in conjunction with CISCO within a core infrastructure network load balanced around the UK.

The system is simple to use, with the easy ability to turn it off when taking confidential data over the phone with the click of the button in the app, or by pressing a key combination on a physical phone.

Call Recording

Popular Features

Pause & Resume
Grouped Accounts for Managers
Automated Scheduled Download
UK GDPR Compliant

6 Months Storage

+ £6 per user

Includes 6 months worth of storage, call recording is essential for specific business sectors. Additionally, when using the Mobile App, calls can also be recorded, allowing recording while out of the office.

7 Years Storage

+ £6 per user + £3 per GB Stored

Store your call recordings for 7 years. MIFID2 Compliant Call recording, essential for specific business sectors such as finance. Calls are accessible via a dashboard and also via an automated download schedule

Call Recoding - Evaluate & Train Rapidly Resolve Disputes
Play back your recordings instantly

Call Recoding - Evaluate & Train Evaluate & Train Staff
Develop and encourage your team

Call Recoding - Evaluate & Train 100% accuracy information
Easily review call logs and recordings

Why have call recording

Call recording is extremely handy for businesses. Monitoring staff calls allows companies to ensure their staff are performing, allowing managers to provide valuable feedback to staff about handing difficult situations and challenging customers. It protects your staff from accusations made incorrectly, or financial information being misunderstood or misinterpreted.

If you are using it just for internal use, you don't have to let people know. But if you want the ability to use the information in a legal matter, the caller must be informed of the recording.

Call Recording VoIP

How to disable Call Recording

When taking calls about information that cannot be stored, such as credit card data, you need to pause the call recording feature.

Within the app, you just press the pause recording button, and then resume recording button when needed. With physical phones use the following key options:

Call Recording Pause *48
Call Recording Resume *49
Call Recording Start *44
Call Recording Stop *45

Understanding UK GDPR Compliance

Call recording is a common practice in many industries, providing businesses with valuable insights, training opportunities, and a record of customer interactions. However, with the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the UK, businesses must ensure that their call recording practices comply with data protection laws.

The GDPR, applicable in the UK, governs the processing of personal data, including that obtained through call recordings. To comply with GDPR when recording calls, businesses must adhere to the following key principles:


Lawfulness, Fairness, and Transparency

Inform individuals that their calls may be recorded and provide a lawful basis for doing so, such as the necessity for the performance of a contract or legitimate interests.

Purpose Limitation

Clearly define the purposes for which the call recordings will be used and ensure they align with the reasons communicated to individuals.

Data Minimization

Only record the information necessary for the specified purposes and avoid collecting unnecessary personal data.


Keep call recordings accurate and up-to-date, and provide mechanisms for individuals to correct any inaccuracies.

Storage Limitation

Determine a retention period for call recordings and delete them when they are no longer needed for the specified purposes.

Integrity and Confidentiality

Implement security measures to protect call recordings from unauthorized access, alteration, or disclosure.


Demonstrate compliance by keeping records of call recording practices, conducting impact assessments, and appointing a Data Protection Officer if necessary.

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