Phone system with CRM integration

Phone System with CRM integration

Getting your phone system to integrate with your CRM system could not be easier. Enjoy seamless communication and get to know who's calling and log information.

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CRM Integration in a simple step

We have three ways in which you can integrate our phone system with your customer data, so your employees can be more efficient, more productive and better serve your customers in real time. With an extensive range of options to integrate with our software installing on both Windows and Mac's.


Click to Dial

£ Free, included with all users
Click to dial

Included in the base user price is our popular Click to Dial feature. This allows you (via a browser plugin) to convert all phone numbers displayed in your web browser into clickable links that can initiate a phone call on either the app, or a physical device.

You can also import a list of business contact using a CSV file, so you know who's ringing.

A free Outlook plugin allows you to click to dial from Outlook contacts.

Seamless Integration

£6 per user

We connect automatically with a wide range of popular CRM solutions, providing a seamless integration between two systems to improve your efficiency and communication. Take a look now to see if your CRM system can be integrated automatically into our phone system.

Zoho Sales Force Google Contacts HubSpot Microsoft Dynamics Sage CRM

For full detailed compatibility & functionality, visit the CRM Compatibility List

Bespoke CRM

£ Free, included with all users

If you have your own CRM software, you can ask your software developer to follow our handy guide on CRM integration and in a few easy steps have your phone system linked to your CRM.

Your developers can build a screen that pop's up when a call comes in, giving you access directly to your database with all the information to hand. If you don't have developers on hand any more, we can quote for development of the plugin for your system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our most popular questions we get asked about CRM integration, but if you have something you need to know, why not give us a call on 01782 608608

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