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Phone system with call centre features

Managing large numbers of calls is simple with our call centre system with easy call queueing technology.

Never miss a call again and keep your customers happy while managing staff volumes.

Simple to use call queueing technology

Call Centre

£2 per users

Get comprehensive call centre function, allowing users to sign in and out and hold customer in a queue with comfort messages.

Call centre

Call Centre Features

Our call centre option has a range of features for managing your queue. This service also works very well in combination with our live call reporting feature.

Comfort Messages

Generate your own, use our AI to generate messages, or get professional messages generated professional voice messasges.

We can set the time and what comfort messages are played while on a queue as well as messages should the user wish to exit the queue.

Manage incoming calls

SimultaneousCalls ring on every available phone in the Call Centre at the same time. The first person to answer takes the call. If nobody in the group is available, the call joins the queue.
RegularCalls ring on each phone one at a time, until somebody answers. The first person on the list always gets the first ring. If there’s no answer, the call joins the queue.
CircularSimilar to Regular, but instead of starting with the first person in the list every time, Circular instead rings the person listed after the person who answered last time.
UniformCalls go to the person who has been available the longest.
WeightedUsing the portal, the administrator can set weights for everyone in the group – so that people given higher weight are asked to answer calls first.

User Options

Each user can sign in and out of a queue, with the following options available:

Exit Options

You can set a limit to the size of the queue to allow for different behaviour if the queue is very busy.

Customers can be given the option to exit the queue at any point and can be redirected to a different feature such as voicemail, or an pre-recorded message.

How does call queuing work?

Call queueing is a feature used in telephony systems that manages incoming calls when all available agents or representatives are currently busy or unavailable. When a call queue is active, incoming calls are placed in a queue or line, and callers wait their turn to be connected to an available agent. Here's how call queueing typically works:

  1. Incoming Call: When a call comes in, it is directed to the call queue instead of being immediately routed to an agent. The caller may hear a recorded message informing them that their call will be answered shortly or providing any necessary instructions.

  2. Queue Position and Estimated Wait Time: Callers are informed of their position in the queue and may also be provided with an estimated wait time. This information helps manage caller expectations and allows them to make an informed decision about waiting or choosing an alternative contact method.

  3. Queue Management: The call queue system manages the order in which calls are answered based on factors like the time of arrival or priority settings. It ensures a fair and organized process for connecting callers to available agents.

  4. Hold Music or Messages: While callers are waiting in the queue, they may be played hold music or pre-recorded messages. This helps reduce the perceived wait time and keeps callers engaged during the wait.

  5. Agent Availability: As agents become available, the call queue system routes the next caller in line to an available agent. The call is then connected, and the conversation between the caller and agent begins.

  6. Overflow and Routing Options: In cases where the call queue becomes too long or exceeds predetermined thresholds, overflow options can be set up. This may involve routing calls to alternative agents, voicemail, or offering a callback option where callers can request to be contacted later.

Call queueing is a valuable feature for managing high call volumes, ensuring callers are handled in an organized manner, and minimizing wait times. It allows businesses to provide better customer service and optimize their call handling processes.

Add a call queue feature with our live call reporting feature for an extensive service.

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