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Help & Support

The section is for existing customers, offering helpful guides to get the phone system configured the way you want it.

System Status: All systems are fully functional

Covid-19 Information

All our staff are now remote working to ensure business continuity and can be contacted in the usual way by calling our main number 01782 608608 or emailing support@telephonesystems.cloud. Our priority is to ensure all our servers stay up and running and will endeavour to do our best to achieve this. Datacentre have their own lock down process, which may affect the ability to visit datacentres. If this causes us any issues, please call the office and listen to any messages on the support line. Our business continuity plan and other information is available here

User Guides

Please download our user guide to see how to set-up and use the phones.
Set-up Guide

Portable Phone Guide

Desk Phone Guide

App Guide

Portal How to Guides

For some of the most common configurations, we have created some guides below to walk you through the process. However, simply give the support team a call and we can configure anything you want free of charge.

Address Book Guide

Setting a message for when the office is closed (non auto attendant version)

Setting an answer message message for a holiday (non auto attendant version)

Call Pickup Groups Guide

Call Queuing Guide

Auto Attendant Guide

Call Centre Guide

Live Call Report Guide

Voice Recording Guide

Bespoke CRM Integration Guide


If you are struggling to get your phones to work on your Internet connection, please check out these guides.

Disabling SIP ALG on Technicolor Router

Firewall Rules Setup

How Porting Works

Virgin Media Issue

App not Ringing after Android Update

Recording a message

To record your own messages for auto attendants and hold, download the App 'Broadsoft Recorder' from the Android or Apple App store and record your message. Android Apple

Rates Card

Download our full call rates

Only applicable to calls that are not covered in the bundle

Service Level Agreement

Our SLA comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee

Download our SLA


Mobile App

Install the app on your mobile phone and be able to made and receive calls from anywhere on your usual extension number. Also handy as a backup plan in-case your Internet goes down, as the app can work on 4G.

Iphone APP Android APP

Desktop App Software

Use the computer App instead of or in conjunction with your desk phone. You can initiate a call from the computer onto your phone. Use with any computer headset.

Windows   Mac

Click to Dial / CRM Integration

Go Integrator connector software allows you to click any number from your web browser including your online CRM system.

Windows   Mac

Message Recorder (Broadsoft Recorder)

To record your own messages for auto attendants and hold, download the App 'Broadsoft Recorder' from the Android or Apple App store and record your message.

Iphone APP Android APP

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