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Troubleshooting VoIP call issues

Struggling with VoIP call quality? Don't worry, VoIP issues are solvable by making changes to your network. We are here to help you pin point the issues and get your system working perfectly.


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Having a few teething issues?

Don't Panic!

Teething issues are very common, but solvable with usually a few tweaks to your network settings. So don't worry, but do get in touch if you find this information too technical, or you still haven't solved your issues.

Your Cloud Phone System required a working Internet connection, without that, it won't work, so the following information will help you troubleshoot your Internet connection.

If your network has not been setup for VOIP before, you may have call stability issues. These call stability issue may feel like the system is just randomly not working, however they are actually caused by some settings that need changing on your network.

If you have a simple Internet setup with your own router, please follow the steps below. If you use a shared connection, or have a complex setup, please call us to be able to offer more specific assistance. If you have an IT support company, its usually best to give them a call, as they can help troubleshoot your networking issues for you.

Please note that if you use the system in different locations, you will need to resolve networking issues at all your locations.

Network Changes

Test your network

If you are having random issues with your phones dropping out, its usually caused by network settings, our testing tool can help find the issue causing it. If you are unsure how to use this tool, please call for support assistance. Run Testing Tool


SIP ALG is a tick box setting on most routers that cause stability issues. By default many routers come with this ticked, but its a simply task to solve. Just login to your router, look for the SIP ALG tick box, untick it, save and your issues will probably be resolved.

Disabling SIP ALG on Technicolor Router Guide

If you have a firewall on your router, or separate firewall and they are locked down, you may need to add additional firewall rules to allow the phones to work. Please follow our firewall guide here: Firewall Rules Setup

POE Switch issues

Sometimes, the phones can behave very strangely if they are not getting enough power from your POE switch. Phones can randomly reboot, drop calls, only answer some calls and cause sound issues due to limited POE power. Check your make and mode of POE and get in touch with support to find out if that might be the issue. We can send power supplies to help isolate the problem.

Please also review the following guides for supplier specific issues:

Virgin Media Issue

Sky Issue

Wi-fi Troubleshooting

Wi-Fi Analyser

If you are experiencing issues when using Wi-Fi, it can be that your Wi-Fi is hitting a capacity limit, or your Wi-Fi is experiencing packet loss. Issues with Wi-Fi are generally not noticeable when simply browsing the Internet, but will show up when trying to do more intensive tasks, such as making a phone call.

The first step it to try the phone, or app via a network wire directly into your router. If that works, it demonstrates that its a Wi-Fi issues. Solving Wi-fi issues can be done by first trying a different channel on your router. You can download an app onto your mobile phone to analyse the Wi-Fi channels in your location. Download Wi-Fi Analyser App. Middle range channels are best, but make sure you choose one that isn't already in use.

Powerline Adapters

If you can't get your Wi-Fi to be stable, consider using Powerline Adapters to create a wired network over your power supply. This allows you to turn any plug socket into a network port. You can then plug your computer and or your phone into this device and it connects it directly to your router. Most people find this gives them a much faster speed than Wi-Fi and much more stable connectivity.

Mobile Troubleshooting

If you are using Three Mobile, and you find WebEx works fine on Wi-fi but not on 4G, Please change your VoLTE setting to off (this can be found under your settings > mobile network).

Some mobile phones have power saving modes, which can affect the phones ability to pickup an incoming call. Have a look at your power saving options on your phone to make sure they are not shutting down the app.

Some mobile phones have issues if both 4G and Wi-Fi are both on at the same time. Try just using 4G, or try turning off 4G when in a Wi-Fi zone.

Due to the way mobile phones work, the app is not able to move from one style of connection to another without dropping the call. So avoid leaving a Wi-Fi zone while on a call.

If you are having strange issues with your app, try uninstalling it and reinstalling the app.

If you are still having issues, please contact support to have your app profile reset.

Android Power Saving Settings

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