Business Landline for UK Business

Business landline and Broadband

We provide professional business landlines, broadband and business numbers for UK businesses.

Business landlines in the UK now run using cloud technology / VoIP, over an internet connection (broadband). You can choose from any area code for your phone number and assigned multiple numbers onto your business landline.

Pricing & Features

New customers can enjoy a £10 discount off all phone hardware purchased up front - use offer code MAYMAD10.

Take the hassle out of switching landline providers

We provide a professional business landlines to keep your company ready to take those ever important business calls reliably. With our friendly team in Staffordshire, we take the hassle out of moving your business landline wherever you are in the UK.


Business Phones - Easy Plug & PlayEasy Plug & Play
Install phones anywhere with an Internet connection

Business Phone App  Business Phone App
Free app including for mobile and desktop use

Business Phone - UK Support UK Support within 10 rings
Our UK team always here to pick up the phone !

Key benefits of our business landline

Suits any size of business

If you just need a single line, or have a team of staff, our system can fit your needed from a sole-trader to an enterprise organisation.

Easy to manage your business calls

With call routing, hunt groups, voicemail and many more features all included, our team manage all the configuration free of charge.

No onsite installation - plug and play

With our system, our phones and apps are plug and play and with all configuration within the cloud, so you don't pay for expensive installation, just power up and go!

Get the right business number

Choose your UK region area code, or a generic 03 number or a free phone 0800.

We can provide a new number, or transfer your existing number hassle free.

UK Area Codes

Check your broadband speed and availability

Depending on your business location, different infrastructure is available for your internet connection in the UK. We can provide a range of different options, if the results from our checker come back negative, give us a call to check other options. We also offer high speed leased lines, which you can use our leased line checker to get a quote.


Detailed pricing information on our broadband options

Business Landline

No Crazy Contracts

Contract Free Business Landline

We're so confident you'll stay, we don't make you sign a crazy contract, cancel any time! With no sneaky price rises & our ethical billing, pay the same as a new customer every month, forever!

FREE Unlimited Minutes Bundle

Telephone Unlimited Minutes

With your £11 user fee, get unlimited minutes a month per user of calls to UK 01/02/03 numbers and UK mobiles*, FREE with any system ordered!

App for Business Landline

Free mobile app for your landline

The business landline comes with free iPhone and Android App's along with PC and Mac App too. These are to enable professional remote working by allowing you to make and receive calls to your mobiles as your landline number.

When anyone calls your main office number, if you are out and about, the App can answer just like you are sat at your desk, and likewise, you can make a call from anywhere in the world displaying as your office landline number.

Why have a business landline?

While you can run a company off a mobile phone, it doesn't give the professional image that a business landline does. You can link your business landline to a specific area code, allowing customers to know you are local. Additionally, a business landline offers a range of features and capabilities that enhance communication efficiency and customer service.

For instance, you can have multiple people answer calls on a business landline, allowing for more staff to handle inquiries promptly. With call routing and overflow options, you can effectively manage your phone line to ensure that your customers' calls always get answered, even during busy periods or when certain staff members are unavailable.

Furthermore, a business landline provides a dedicated line solely for business purposes, which helps maintain professionalism and separates personal and professional communication channels. This segregation not only enhances your company's image but also ensures that important calls are prioritized and handled appropriately.

Having a business landline establishes credibility and trust with customers, especially when paired with a recognisable local area code. It conveys a sense of stability and permanence, reassuring clients that your business is established and reliable.

Why We Are Different

No Crazy Telephone Contracts

No Crazy Contracts

Fed up of a deal always looking too good to be true? Since we are contract free, you always pay the price on our website, ensuring no hidden price rises. Pay the same as a new customer every month!

UK Business Landline

Reliability you can trust

We guarantee 99.9% uptime backed up by our SLA on our robust UK dedicated platform in conjunction with CISCO. Monitored and managed 24/7.

Rapid Telephone Support

Fanatical about support

All are calls are answered in less than 10 seconds here in the UK, why not call us or live chat now and find out how friendly our team are!

Free Business Landline Support

Free configuration & support

All our systems are configured in the cloud, so there are no configuration, installation or support charges. Our phones simply auto install when plugged in. About free configuration & free support

Free Business Landline Features

Whatever the size of your business, from start-up to small businesses and all SME companies, all the following features are included in the price!

Softphone Mobile App
Softphone Desktop App
Call Analysis Reporting
Custom Greetings
Voicemail to Email
Advanced Hunt Groups
Call Divert
Simultaneous Ring
Caller ID
Live Busy Status
Click to Dial
Holiday and Time Scheduling
Call Redirect and Flow
Outbound Call Blocking
Bespoke CRM Integration
Hot Desking
Microsoft Teams Integration

Pick & Mix Feature

CRM Integration

+ £6.00 per user
CRM Intergration

Integrate our phone system with your CRM database and know who's calling and log information. Click to search our comprehensive list of compatible CRM products. CRM Integration details

Call Centre

+ £2.00 per user agent
Call Centre

Get comprehensive call centre function, allowing users to sign in and out and hold customer in a queue with comfort messages and failover. Ensuring you never miss a call again. Call Centre Details

Call Recording

From + £6.00 per user
Call Recording

Simple to use call recording on your phone or within the app. Can be turned off for GDPR requirements. We offer 6 months and 7 years call storage options, with a control panel online to access the information. Call Recording Details

Live Reporting

+ £35 & £4 per user Live Reporting

Works great with the Call Centre Module, see who's on a call live and how many customers are in the queue. Stay informed at any time, with wall boards and custom reports. Live Reporting Details

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Frequently Asked Business Landline Questions

Our most popular questions we get asked about business landline, but if you have something you need to know, why not give us a call on 01782 608608


Will I be stuck in a contract?

How easy is our business landline to set-up?

Will my existing phones work with your business landline?

Will I own the phones I buy?

How reliable is your business landline service?

Supporting your phone system from the centre of the UK!

Our fantastically friendly support team are based in the UK in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

Cloud experts for over 23 years, why not chat now to a member of the team and find out how we can help you transition your phone system to the cloud.

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Better than VOIP - HD Call Quality

Call quality like no other. Our system doesn't sound like an Internet call or VOIP as the sounds quality is High Definition (HD), it will even sound better than your previous landline.

VOIP High Definition (HD) Call Quality

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