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How does porting your number work?

Moving your phone number to a new supplier is a simple process, our team are here to ensure your number move is seamless.

Transferring your existing number

Porting is the transfer of your existing number from the current provider to us. Porting is a process that usually takes 10 days, however can take longer if any issues that occur with the current provider. Common issues is incorrect information, such as the postcode being incorrect.

Since porting can take a little bit of time, we recommend that our customers move to the cloud system first. This is possible by masking your old phone number onto our system, so all outgoing calls display the correct number and by then redirecting your old number to your temporary number on our system. For single line numbers, this is simply done by dialing *21* from your phone line and following the verbal instructions. For ISDN lines, you can either ask for a temporary redirect from your current phone provider, or you might be able to redirect to a number from your current phone system without contacting them.

Is there any downtime?

When your port is authorised, you get provided with a specific port date and time. With a single line transfer, there can be a few minutes of downtime while the port occurs. With ISDN lines, it can take up to a few hours to port the number. We recommend for the day communicating with your customers your temporary number, so they can still contact you if you are porting from ISDN lines.

What if the existing provider doesn’t want me to move?

It’s very common that existing providers will try and block the transfer, and they can block initial port requests. However after 3 attempts, we are able to provide a Letter of Authority which will insure your number is ported to our systems without them stopping it.

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