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Stuck in a phone contract? Need Help?

It can be very frustrating to realise that you are stuck in contract for your phone system, especially if the service is poor or not providing the functionality you need.

Can you get out of a phone contract?

The telecoms industry is rather a challenging place when it comes to contracts. Ofcom provide little regulation on this, and if you have more than 10 members of staff, Ofcom can't help you at all.

For businesses, you simply may not have even realised you were signing a lengthy contract when moving to a new supplier. Small print terms and conditions can mask the cost of exiting a contract and making it very hard, even when you know the end date of the contact. Come companies charge if you don't leave on a specific day, so its very important to get a good look at the terms and conditions before signing up to anything. If you are already signed up, getting to fully understand your terms and conditions is very important if you want to leave.

What you can do

Ask for a signed copy of your contract and go through it carefully to check what services are included in it, when it is due to be renewed and whether the company does this automatically.

If your supplier is providing a poor service and failing to deliver, then you may be able to give notice to terminate the contract under a fundamental breach.

If the level or extent of the breach is not fundamental, but minor, you may still have cause for legal action against your supplier for damages or loss of profit, which may convince your supplier to relax the contract terms and allow you to exit the contract. Always seek expert legal advice because court disputes are lengthy and legal costs should be weighed up against the likely damages awarded.

If you do not have grounds for a breach, then you are likely to have to pay early termination charges, but most providers are open to the negotiation of early settlements, so it can be worth bargaining with them.

Stuck waiting for your contract to end?

In many situations, you may now be stuck in a contract. But it never has to be like that again. With our contract free service, you can leave any time and only stay if you are happy with the service.

Contract End Reminder

Let us know your contract renewal data, and we will send you a handy reminder by text or email, allowing you to cancel in time!

What Ofcom Says

Fair and transparent contract terms

Providers must make sure their contract terms are fair and transparent. We have rules about the type of contract information that you should have before you sign the contract, such as key charges, the length of the contract and the process for cancelling.

How to complain

If you believe your provider hasn't properly notified you of changes to your terms and conditions, or if you believe any of the terms and conditions in your contract are unfair or weren't made clear to you, contact your provider's customer service department and make a complaint.

If your provider doesn't resolve the problem, ask them for a deadlock letter. This will allow you to take your complaint to an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) scheme.

ADRs act as an independent middleman. They will examine the case from both sides and reach a decision they think fair. If eight weeks have passed since you first formally complained you can contact the ADR directly.

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