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Free CRM integration from your phone system to your bespoke software

Integrate to your own CRM

Our basic package comes with Go Integrator Lite (a third party piece of middleware which our phone system interacts with) included free of charge. If you have a custom, bespoke CRM you can also use Go Integrator to do basic call connectivity. A software developer or web developer can configure your CRM and Go Integrator to talk to one another, allowing your CRM to dial a number at the click of a button, or allow an incoming call to open up the customer details of the caller in your CRM. What follows are some technical details on how this is acheived.

With the purchase of an additional license at £6.00, Go Integrator can also fully interact with a variety of popular CRM systems such as Zoho and Salesforce, find out if your CRM is compatible here.

Dialing Numbers from your CRM

There are two ways Go Integrator Lite can initiate calls; for web-based CRMs there is a browser plugin, for desktop applications there is a command-line utility that can be invoked.

1) Browser Click to Dial

The browser plugin lets you click on a phone number on any webpage and have Go Integrator dial the number for you.

Right-click on the Go-Integrator icon in the Windows system tray (the icon is just a green square)
Select Configuration
On the left, click Dialing
Click Dialing Handlers
Click the Download button next to your browser of choice
Your browser will open to the plugin page (in Chrome its called "Telephone Number Detection"), enable the plugin in your browser

Login to your CRM (or refresh the page if logged in already) and you will see every phone number has been converted into a clickable button.

2) Command-Line Utility

For desktop apps, such as those written in WinForms or even Microsoft Access, there is a command-line utility in the Go Integrator install directory called phonehelper.exe. You can pass it a command-line parameter MakeCall with the phone number in parenthesis like so:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Go Integrator\phonehelper.exe MakeCall(01782608608)

As long as you are logged in to Go Integrator, the number will be dialed, and upon connection being established your phone will ring where you can "pickup" the call in progress.

An example piece of C# code to launch that program from your own might look like this:

ProcessStartInfo callProcess = new ProcessStartInfo();
callProcess.FileName = @"C:\Program Files (x86)\Go Integrator\phonehelper.exe";
callProcess.Arguments = @"MakeCall(01782608608)";

Triggering Events on Incoming Call

In Go-Integrator you can configure an event to happen when an incoming call rings. This event can be opening a URL and passing the number to it, or opening some external .exe, batch file or script and passing the number to that. This feature can be used to open up the Customer's record on your CRM automatically when a call comes in (providing your CRM can accept and search on a phone number).

Right-click on the Go-Integrator icon in the Windows system tray (the icon is just a green square)
Select Configuration
On the left, click Call Events
Towards the bottom click the Add button
Event: Call Ringing or Call Connected
Direction: In
Calls: External
Program: The path to the external program, or if you want the call to open up a URL in the web-based CMS, leave this blank and it will open in the system's default browser
Parameters: The command line parameters to the program, with "%Call\CallerContact\Tel%" where you want the phone number to be passed.
An example parameter for a third party .exe might be: -caller=%Call\CallerContact\Tel%
If calling a URL, it might look something like this:\CallerContact\Tel%

Download links for the Mac and PC versions of Go-Integrator can be downloaded from our help page

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