Stop Sell for ISDN, Phone Systems and Connectivity 2023

Stop Sell for ISDN, Phone Systems and Connectivity 2023

September’s 2023 Stop Sell deadline for ISDN, PSTN and FTTC comes into force. What this means for your business and how you need to upgrade.

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Stop Sell September 2023

This September, a Nationwide Stop Sell is coming to the telecoms industry. As part of the 2025 rollout to digital, old services are being phased out and you need to move to new digital cloud phone systems and digital connectivity such as SOGEA.

What is Stop Sell?

Stop Sell prevents your telecoms provider from selling you any legacy copper-based solutions consisting of Single Phone Lines, Multi Lines, ISDN2, ISDN30 and ADSL(SMPF), FTTC and G.Fast.

While your old services will continue to run until 2025 (the deadline for digital switch off), it can affect your existing service by putting the following limitations on your system:

  1. You won’t be able to do a "Like for Like" transfer to a new supplier.
  2. Restart of stopped lines will be prohibited. So if you line gets accidently cancelled, you will not be able to restart it.
  3. No longer able to amend your DDI ranges, so you cannot add any new DDI numbers to ISDN.
  4. Increase/decrease ISDN channels will be prohibited. So you will be stuck with what you have.
  5. Convert Single Lines to Multi Lines/ISDN and vice versa, so again, stuck with what you already have.
  6. Unable to add Broadband (SMPF and FTTC) onto a PSTN lines.
  7. No longer able to change your bandwidth capacity, or upgrade to a higher speed non-digital service.

What does it mean for my business?

For many businesses these limitations can be quite serious, limiting your businesses ability to function correctly. It will also come with significant price rises to legacy products, as the industry forces customers to make the jump to digital.

So what is digital?

Moving your phone system from ISDN to a cloud telephone system converts your phone system to digital. It also gives you a lot more flexibility.

Connectivity wise, ADSL, FTTC and G.FAST are all being replaced by SOGEA, which is a Internet connection with no telephone capability.

Find out more about the 2025 digital switch and what that means for your business here

Written on 07/06/2023 by Juliet Moran

As the Technical Director at, I bring over 27 years of extensive experience in cloud technology. As a woman in the tech industry, I am committed to paving the way for the next generation, demonstrating that innovation in technology should be inclusive of both women and men. My goal is to inspire and empower future generations to actively contribute to the advancement of technology regardless of gender.
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