VoIP Call for forward thinking businesses

VoIP Call for forward thinking businesses

Businesses are being told to switch to VoIP telecoms systems to support the growing demand for flexible working patterns or risk losing key staff.


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While many businesses do want their staff back in the office, the growing compromise is to offer flexibility using hybrid working, allowing staff to choose a day or two that they work from home.

Communication is the key to hybrid working and moving to a unified communication model with VoIP allows multi-site location communication to be streamless and ensure office and home workers keep talking. It can also save your business money compared to your current telephone system, so VoIP helps to keep your key staff happy and save money at the same time.

Experts from VoIP specialists TelephoneSystems.Cloud are warning businesses to install the internet based service before the old system switches off.

VoIP systems offer employees the flexibility to work from anywhere with a reliable internet connection, and link up their other work devices. It’s so easy to transfer calls between staff seamlessly, wherever they are.

The latest data shows that prior to the pandemic just 12% of adults worked from home at some point over a typical week.

This figure rose dramatically during the pandemic and the new norm now sees 30% of employees working from home at least one day a week.

With the number of employees embracing hybrid working options on the rise, it is increasingly incumbent on businesses to provide communications solutions that support their needs.

Making the switch from traditional analogue landline systems to VoIP phones means further supporting employees who work a mix of away from, and in, the office.

Switching to VoIP systems allows workers to use the same physical device with the same number for business related calls wherever they are working from.

The system also allows employees to use the same number on their other devices - something which is impossible to do through analogue landlines.

Once a VoIP system is in place, the same telephone number can be connected to smartphones, laptops, tablets and desktop computers; wherever there is a reliable internet connection.

VoIP systems also allow users to download an app to turn a regular mobile phone into one which is compatible with their work internet telecoms system - this is ideal for smaller businesses who have a ‘bring your own phone’ policy.

The ability to separate work from home life on employee personal devices is an important challenge that businesses across all industries are facing up to post-pandemic.

So long as there is a reliable internet connection, the flexibility of VoIP systems supports the UK move towards hybrid working.

And there are benefits for businesses too - VoIP systems incur relatively low set up costs, with businesses benefitting from lower call charges, especially when compared to mobile phones.

While businesses which operate internationally benefit from lower international call charges and no expensive contract premiums.

Many VoIP phones are compatible with business tools such as CRM’s and click to dial - these small details make admin much easier and allow for smoother business operations.

Businesses are being urged to make this ‘big switch’ over to VoIP systems now and move away from the old analogue telephone style.

The government and telecoms industry plan to shut down analogue phone systems by 2025, meaning there are just two years left until these lines stop working.

Juliet Moran, founder of TelephoneSystems.Cloud said: “VoIP systems are the best way forward for businesses right now - with the old analogue telephone system being shut down in just two years time, now is the time to make the so-called ‘big switch’.

“This cloud based phone system does have a lot of benefits for your employees, with the UK seeing a massive growth in hybrid working post-pandemic, VoIP systems fully support these flexible working patterns.

“Employees can take the physical device with them wherever they are working so long as there is a reliable internet connection. Better still the VoIP system allows you to use other devices such as laptops and tablets to use the phone system under the same telephone number.

“With little investment required and low fees for international calls, we’re encouraging all businesses to look into installing VoIP systems.”

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