How do I convert my landline to VoIP?

How do I convert my landline to VoIP?

Here in the UK, your new provider manages the transfer of your existing landline to VoIP. So all you need to do is provide the new supplier with your landline phone number and the post code originally associated with this number, and they do the rest.

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Which postcode do I need for porting?

When you first got your landline phone number, it will have been registered to a physical address. This postcode is the information you will need to provide your new supplier. Bear this in mind if you have moved house or business premises over the years but stayed in the same area code location, it can often be the original post code the number is still associated with and not your current address.

Do you have broadband on your landline?

If you have your broadband and landline associated together as one line, then when you port your number it will cause a cease on your broadband! To ensure this doesn’t happen, you need to get your current broadband provider to upgrade your circuit to SOGEA (a broadband service without a landline feature) and at the same time arrange the port for the same day with your new supplier.

If you are moving both, then it’s easier to move your broadband to the new supplier first, and then they can manage the whole process in one easy step, without having to line up suppliers.

Can I keep my area code when I move to VoIP?

Yes, when moving to VoIP, you can keep your current landline number where ever you go, as the number simply moves to the cloud and can be accessed from an internet connection from anywhere. So it’s really handy to keep your existing number and you can always buy additional numbers in your new location too. With VoIP, you can choose from any UK area code you like (unless its run out of numbers, like some areas of London).

How long does porting my landline number to VoIP take?

It takes 10 working days in the UK to port a number. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that your number stops working, but that’s how long it takes from initial request to it actually moving. It can take longer if the port is rejected by your current provider. This usually happens when the incorrect post code is supplied. If your current provider has gone bump, or is not responding, then a LOA (Letter of Authority) can be created to force the number to transfer.

If you are moving your number from an IDSN line, there is a manual process that occurs at Openreach. This means that your number will go down for a bit of time, and may be between a few minutes and up to 2 hours, so its work bearing this in mind when you choose your porting date. But once you have done the move from ISDN to VoIP, it’s easy to switch without any downtime.

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