What do toilets, dates and airplanes all have in common? You shouldn't use your phone on any of them!

What do toilets, dates and airplanes all have in common? You shouldn't use your phone on any of them!

Whether stalking your ex on Instagram, scrolling through endless work emails or texting your bestie, there are many places where using a phone is a big no-go. Phone experts at Telephone Systems.Cloud have created their round-up of inappropriate places to use a mobile phone.


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Phones can help us to be more productive, connected and aware of current events, however they have caused a global digital dependency.

Before knowing how to cut back on phone usage, it is important to hone in on phone etiquette and recognize the places where the phone can be put down.

Alastair Bates, Managing Director of Telephone Systems.Cloud said: “I think many of us can admit we depend heavily on our phones for lots of things, they can help us feel much more connected and benefit our lives greatly!

“However, there are definitely more than a few places where using a phone is frowned upon. These moments give mobile users the chance to disconnect from their phones for just a little while. We want to encourage mobile users to recognise these moments and make the most of them.”

Here is Telephone Systems.Cloud’s rundown of places to ditch the phone:

On an airplane

This one seems obvious, however it is still ignored by many! Mobile phone users should use flying as an opportunity to switch off from the mobile world. Having a nap, enjoying the view or getting some serious thinking done are just some of the alternatives which can give phone users a break from their screens and a chance to connect with the real world a little bit more.

At a concert

A potentially controversial but incredibly valid place to refrain from using a mobile is at a music event. Although filming and sharing your concert experience online can help others to experience the atmosphere, music and all round great vibes, it can often make the offender seem distanced and removed from the concert. Many artists take great offence to this and encourage concert-goers to enjoy the moment rather than worrying about filming their favourite song for their Instagram story.

On the loo

Other than the very valid safety issue of potentially dropping a device down the toilet, loo phone usage poses lots of germ filled threats to mobile users. A recent study from the University of Arizona has found the average smartphone is ten times dirtier than a toilet seat… if that doesn't put mobile users off scrolling on the loo then there might not be anything that will!

On a date

Phone users can often turn to their screens in moments of uncomfortability and awkwardness, making them the perfect crutch when on dates. However, the most innocent of screen checks can often come across as very rude and dismissive when meeting someone for the first time or on a date with a potential partner.

A restaurant in France has taken a revolutionary approach to this and completely banned the use of phones. At Petit Jardin, any guest caught with a phone will be handed a very shameful ‘yellow card’, with red cards being awarded to any double offenders before they are escorted from the premises.

In bed

Many mobile users are guilty of reaching for the devices first thing in the morning. As innocent as this morning social media scroll may seem, it can actually have several negative effects including setting the tone for your whole day. It makes sense, by waking up and immediately getting distracted by who’s posting what, new twitter scandals and spam emails, mobile phone users are setting themselves up to stay in this mindset for the whole day.

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