Hidden costs, jargon and confusing bills - how to avoid being overcharged by your phone provider

Hidden costs, jargon and confusing bills - how to avoid being overcharged by your phone provider

The telecoms industry is filled with confusing jargon, long bills and loopholes which leave many customers confused.


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Phone experts at Telephone Systems.Cloud are advising phone users on how they can cut down on confusing or hidden charges on their bills to make savings. The company says it is an ethical firm and is the only UK telecoms provider which does not lock customers into contracts.

Countrywide, customers are concerned that they may be paying for hidden extras without being notified by their communications company.

In a challenging and competitive marketplace, certain companies create deliberately confusing phone bills, thereby isolating their customers through non-ethical billing practices.

Alastair Bates, Managing Director of Telephone Systems.Cloud said: “We know how frustrating it can be for customers finding out they are paying way more than necessary for their daily phone usage, which is why we work to ensure all our billing is ethical and clear.

“Unfortunately, not all service providers are working to these standards. The good news for phone users is often it only takes a phone call to talk through their bill and weed out any unnecessary charges.
“In the attempt to avoid hidden charges or ‘extra’s’ offered by your service providers, customers should always read terms and conditions provided to them. Any confusing jargon within the terms and conditions should be queried to ensure full peace of mind.”

What can customers do if they want to stop unnecessary charges?

If phone users are receiving charges on their phone bill that they are not aware of or seem illegitimate, they can dispute the charges with their service provider by phone call.

Alternatively, customers may recognize the charges but feel as though they are paying for additional extras that are unnecessary to their phone usage. In this instance, customers are able to dispute the charges and request a full or partial refund for the cost as well as stopping the payment for the amenity going forwards.

Take these steps:

Bill to hand: Customers should ensure they have a copy of their phone bill in front of them before calling their service provider, this will prevent any confusion or lack of information. The phone bill will include important verification indicators such as account number. Any customers who have signed up for paperless billing will be able to access their bill online.

Prepare in advance: Ahead of phoning any service provider, unhappy customers should always decide what they want to come out of the call. This will help the customer to keep the conversation on track and lead to the issue being resolved.

Note time and date: When customers have got through to a customer service assistant, they should be prepared with a pen and paper to note the name of the representative. Customers should also note the time and date the call is taking place in case this is needed further down the line in the dispute.

Request refund: After the issue has been explained, customers should request that the unwanted charge is waived. If the charge was hidden and is at the fault of the service provider, it is in the customer’s best interest to request a full refund or credit for the charge.

After talking their bill through with a customer service representative, customers may find there are a few details on their bill that they weren’t aware they were paying for and significant savings can be made.

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