Top 10 VoIP Phones for Business

Top 10 VoIP Phones for Business

ondering which phones to choose to use with your VoIP phone system? The following phones are the most popular hardware currently available and are all compatible with our cloud phone system.


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Best Top 10 VoIP Phones & Headsets for Business 2023

Wondering which phones to choose to use with your VoIP phone system? The following phones are the most popular hardware currently available and are all compatible with our cloud phone system. If you already have any of these phones, you can use them on our system, without having to buy new phones.

If you don’t already have VoIP compatible phones or headsets, we suggest choosing from the list below, which are all extremely popular phones.

  1. Yealink T46U VoIP Phone

    Desk Phone

    The most popular phone in the market, Yealink phones are extremely robust, while looking stylish, and with the colour screen, it looks more modern and it’s easy to use.

  2. Yealink T48U VoIP Phone

    Desk Phone +

    With a little bit more budget, you get to the T48, which not only has a large colour screen, but it touch screen, making it the most intuitive phone available on budget.

  3. Yealink W73H / W60 VoIP Phone

    Portable Phone

    Not everyone wants to be stuck to the desk, and this robust little portable phone allows you to take it wherever you need, with a fantastic range!

  4. Jabra VoIP BIZ2300 Headset

    Bluetooth Headset

    When choosing a headset, make sure you go quality over budget, as there is nothing worse than a headset that drops out during a call.

  5. Yealink T43U VoIP Phone

    Desk Basic Phone

    If you are on a budget, this basic desk phone is for you. Robust and simple to use, its a real work horse and value for money.

  6. Yealink W57W Wireless VoIP Phone

    Desk Phone +

    If you want to look a bit more stylish, then this is the phone for you. Extremely popular as a reception phone, with its built in Wifi and Bluetooth and its huge touch, colour screen, you get to look really smart.

  7. Jabra Motion UC MS Plus Headset

    Jabra Motion Headset

    Jabra really are a market leading in quality headsets for VoIP, so you can’t go wrong with this headset for plugging into your PC.

  8. Polycom VVX 601 VoIP Phone

    Polycom VVX 601

    Not as robust as the Yealink’s, but still a contender for style and ease of use, the Polycom 601 has touch screen.

  9. Polycom VVX 301 VoIP Phone

    Polycom VVX 301

    Like the phone above, but more basic, this if your budget range Polycom and a handy workhorse.

  10. Cisco SPA-514G VoIP Phone

    Cisco SPA-514G

    Cisco phones have a tendency to be more complex and harder to use, but are still a very popular phone and compatible with most systems.

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