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Cloud phone issues with Virgin Media


Phones are unable to provision, or phones provision but drop calls, or any random behavior of your phone. Applies to Hitron Router on Virgin.


To solve this problem, you will need to turn your Virgin Hitron Router on to modem only mode, and pass it through to a third party router.

Please follow the instructions below or contact Virgin for support

Configuring your Virgin Router into Modem Mode

Step 1:
Login to the GUI by typing IP address into your browser. Then enter your username and password.

Step 2:
You should now see the router 'Status' page. This will tell you all the basic information about your Hitron CGNV4.

Step 3:
Navigate to the 'Basic Settings' page using the links in the header.

Step 4:
Select the 'Gateway function' option from the left hand menu. This will then show two capability options – 'RG function', and ‘UPNP IGD’. Both should be enabled as defaults.

Step 5:
Next to the 'RG function', select the 'Disabled' button. This will take the modem out of 'Residential Gateway' mode and enable 'Modem only Mode'.

Step 6:
The device will now reboot into 'Modem only Mode'. You’ll now see the following message - "[Success] Changes have been saved. Modem will reboot, please wait…"

You'll now be ready to use your Hitron CGNV4 in 'Modem only Mode'. To access the Hitron GUI from now on, you'll need to use the IP address until the 'RG function' is enabled again.

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