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Perfect for small businesses
Looking for a VOIP phone system that meets
your exact needs?

VOIP Phone System for UK Business

Better than traditional VOIP, our hi-definition contract free cloud telephone system allows your business to be more flexible

Cloud Telephone System

FREE 5000 Minutes Bundle

Get 5000 minutes a month per user of calls to UK 01/02/03 numbers and UK mobiles, FREE with any system ordered! Enough to cover an average businesses call needs!

Contract Free

Sign up with Direct Debit

We are so confident you will want to stay, we don't make you sign a long term contract. Pay by Direct Debit and you can cancel at any time!

Why is it great for small business?

You can choose to rent the phones to save on any up-front costs or don't use phones at all.

The system grows with you, so you only need to start off with one user and add or remove users when you need each month.

Your spending each month is a fixed fee, so with the call bundle you can easily budget.

Mobile working is so simple, so you can take and make calls where ever you are, which is perfect for a small business when you are busy.

Our phones auto install themselves so there are no install or setup charges. It's just plug and play.

Our full featured system allows your business however small to look big, with auto attendant, voicemail and much more.

Free Mobile & Computer Phone App

The system comes with free iPhone and Android App's along with PC and Mac App too. These are to enable professional remote working by allowing you to make and receive calls to your mobiles through the system. You don't pay for minutes on your mobile, which is a real cost saving.

When anyone calls your main office number, if you are out and about, the App can answer just like you are sat at your desk.

You can even use the App instead of renting or buying a physical phone to save on money.

Mobile Phone Add for Cloud Telephone System

Why Choose TelephoneSystems.Cloud?

No Crazy Contracts

Fed up of a deal always looking to good to be true? Since we are contract free, you always pay the price on our website, ensuring no hidden price rises. Pay the same as a new customer every month!

Reliability you can trust

We guarantee 99.9% uptime backed up by our SLA on our robust UK dedicated platform in conjunction with CISCO & Openreach. Monitored and managed 24/7.

Fanatical About Support

All are calls are answered in less than 10 seconds, why not call us or live chat now and find out how friendly our team are!

Free Configuration & Support

All our systems are configured in the cloud, so there are no configuration, installation or support charges. Our phones simply auto install when plugged in.

Included FREE System Features

From Start-Up, small businesses and SME companies, all the following features are included in the price, whatever size you are!

Call Analysis Reporting
Custom Greetings
HD Calls
Advanced Call Groups
Conferencing (3 Way)
Click to Dial
Mobile App
Desktop App
Caller ID
Busy Status
Video Calls
Hot Desking


per user/month

All users are £10 per month, with a wealth of free features. Pick & Mix additional features you need, whatever size you are from Start-Ups, SME's to Enterprise.

FREE 5000 Minutes Bundle

Included in the £10 a month is 5000 minutes a month per user of calls to UK 01/02/03 numbers and UK mobiles. Enough to cover an average businesses call needs.

FREE Configuration & Support

No hidden charges or fees, we setup and configure your system and offer fantastic UK support for free by our team here in Stoke-on-Trent!

Learn more about our cloud phone system...

Looking for VOIP and not a small business?

Our cloud phone system works for any size of business in the UK, up to enterprise level Learn more

Better than VOIP - HD Call Quality

Call quality like no other. Our system doesn't sound like an Internet call or VOIP as the sounds quality is High Definition (HD), it will even sound better than your previous landline.

High Definition (HD) Call Quality

Support for your business from the centre of the UK!

Our fantastically friendly support team are based in the UK in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

Cloud experts for over 19 years, why not live chat now to a member of the team and find out how we can help you transition your phone system to the cloud.

Staffordshire UK

Work from anywhere

Move to a cloud telephone system and you and your staff can work from anywhere, it really is that flexible



Great quality phones in your office, simply plug and play.



Receive and Dial as your office number while out and about on the mobile.



Save money and integrate with your CRM with the PC & Mac App.



Allow staff to work from home any time with the same extension number.



You can answer your work calls from anywhere in the world, including the beach.

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