Contract free, ethical phone system

What are the benefits of a contract free & ethical phone system?

Whatever your size of business, we provide a contract free and ethical phone system. We cover below why this matters and what a difference it can make to your business.

What normally happens in a phone contract

Ethical Billing

All phone companies in the UK require you to sign a phone contract, as this has been standard practice due to the high up front costs of a traditional PBX phone system, with cloud technology, this is no longer required.

It also allow companies to offer you a deal to start off with, then once you are in a contract (typically these are between 3 and 5 years, but can be more), they increase the prices over that time period, so your total costs are unknown.

Tactics such as throwing in a free phone, or highly discounted broadband are signs that they are likely to recuperate those costs later.

Other tactics are to have hidden fees that are tucked away in the terms and conditions. They may also have contracts that are very hard to get out of, such as rolling contracts, unusual notice periods and only setting specific dates on which you can leave.

Why we are different & ethical

Cloud technology has changed the way phone can be sold. With no contract, you simply pay for the services you use each month, adding and removing when you need or don't need them.

With no contract, you always pay the price displayed on our website. This price is always our cheapest offering, as it's how we get new business. So you know your price will always be competitive.

Because you have no contract, if we did increase our prices you are free to leave anytime.

We are so confident in our service, you only have to stay with us if you are happy.

We are an ethical company and want to ensure our pricing is clear and simple, by always paying what we display on our website, you always know where you are, nothing is hidden.

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Why TelephoneSystems.Cloud?

Contract Free Phone System

No Crazy Contracts

Fed up of a deal always looking to good to be true? Since we are contract free, you always pay the price on our website, ensuring no hidden price rises. Pay the same as a new customer every month!

Phone system with SLA

Reliability you can trust

We guarantee 99.9% uptime backed up by our SLA on our robust UK dedicated platform in conjunction with CISCO & Openreach. Monitored and managed 24/7.

Calls answered in 10 rings

Fanatical about support

All are calls are answered in less than 10 seconds here in the UK, why not call us or live chat now and find out how friendly our team are!

Free phone system support

Free configuration & support

All our systems are configured in the cloud, so there are no configuration, installation or support charges. Our phones simply auto install when plugged in. Learn More

Find out more about our cloud phone system

Supporting your phone system from the centre of the UK!

Our fantastically friendly support team are based in the UK in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

Cloud experts for over 22 years, why not chat now to a member of the team and find out how we can help you transition your phone system to the cloud.

Cloud Phone Systems Staffordshire UK

Better than VOIP - HD Call Quality

Call quality like no other. Our system doesn't sound like an Internet call or VOIP as the sounds quality is High Definition (HD), it will even sound better than your previous landline.

VOIP High Definition (HD) Call Quality

Work from anywhere

Move to a cloud telephone system and you and your staff can work from anywhere, it really is that flexible!

Quality Cloud Phones


Great quality phones in your office, simply plug and play.

VOIP Mobile App


Receive and Dial as your office number while out and about on the mobile.

Phone System CRM Integration


Save money and integrate with your CRM with the PC & Mac App.

Phone System to work from home


Allow staff to work from home any time with the same extension number.

Phone system to work from Abroad


You can answer your work calls from anywhere in the world, including the beach.

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