Cloud Phone System FAQ

What is a VOIP user?

Not sure how many users you need on a cloud phone system? Find out how to choose the right number for your setup

Choosing the right number of users

A user is generally counted by the number of people you have. So if you have 10 employees, 10 people get access to a phone and can all be on a call at the same time.

Each user is given an extension number e.g. Bob = 01, James = 02, Lucy = 03. Your users have their extension number wherever they access the phone system. So they can take a call on a phone, the mobile app or the desktop app.

Example 1

You have 15 employees. Each employee has a phone in the office and 5 of them have a phone at home as well. 7 of them use the app at home.

You need 15 Users

Example 2

You have 8 employees but you only need 2 phones one in the reception the other in a store room.

You need 2 Users

Example 3

You have 5 employees with a phone in each of the rooms, however, rooms 4 and 5 are hardly used and so can share a user, stopping those rooms both been able to make calls at the same time.

You need 4 Users

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